Chrome dark mode: How to Activate on Android, iOS and Windows 10

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Activating Chrome’s dark mode isn’t as easy as expected. Unlike some browsers (such as Firefox and Vivaldi), there are no simple boxes to activate or switch, and Chrome’s dark mode is activated differently for each operating system.

For this reason, we have compiled this manual, which explains how to enable dark mode for Chrome for Windows, MacOS, iOS, iPadOS or Android. We will also show you how Chrome can be used to “force” dark websites that don’t officially support it, changing your entire online experience

There are several reasons for choosing Chrome’s dark mode. For mobile devices, battery life is probably the biggest factor. Your phone screen consumes a lot of energy, and in 2018 Google itself confirmed that applications with darker user interfaces consume less juice than their bright, white counterparts.

Choosing a dark mode will also make you less blue light, which can affect your ability to sleep. Sleep not only makes you feel tired and fussy, but also causes obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease.

It just looks cool in the end. Google Material Language and the latest updates from Facebook are very bright and white, and switching to dark mode makes a refreshing change. If these reasons are enough to tempt you, here’s how to switch to dark mode in Chrome for Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS.


Enable Chrome dark mode on Windows 10

1. Enter the Settings menu, choose ‘Personalization’ click ‘Colors’ and scroll down to the switch marked ‘Choose your default app mode’.

2. Change this to ‘Dark’ and all apps with a native dark mode, including Chrome, will change color. There’s no need to restart your browser.

Enable Chrome dark mode on macOS

1. Open ‘System Preferences’, click ‘General’, select ‘Appearance’.

2. Select the ‘Dark’ option. As with Windows, all apps with a native dark mode will change automatically with no further input from you.

Enable Chrome dark mode on Android

1. Dark mode is still an experimental feature in Chrome for Android, so bear in mind that some design elements might look a little strange. To activate it, enter chrome://flags in the browser’s address bar.

2. Tap the ‘Search flags’ box and enter the work dark. You’ll find two options here: ‘Android web contents dark mode’ and ‘Android Chrome UI dark mode’. If you activate the first option, Chrome will detect if a site’s developers have created a dark version and select it automatically. If there’s no dark version available, the browser will invert the site’s colors. Activating the second option means that the browser interface itself will turn dark.

3. Tap the drop-down menu under each of these options and change the setting to ‘Activated’, then restart Chrome.

4. Now open the settings menu, tap ‘Themes’ and select ‘Dark’. If you can’t see the Themes option, restart Chrome again and it should appear.

Enable Chrome dark mode on iOS or iPadOS

Google hasn’t released a dark mode for Chrome on iOS, but it’s a work in progress and may become available with the browser’s next major update. We’ll update this article with instructions on activating it when it arrives. For the time being, you can use the Invert feature to achieve a similar effect.

1. Open ‘Settings’ and select ‘General > Accessibility > Display accomodations’.

2. Toggle ‘Classic Invert’ to invert the colors of everything on your device’s screen, or ‘Smart invert’ to leave images alone but invert everything else.

Force dark mode on websites using Chrome

Some websites have their own dark modes, which will be activated automatically when you’re using dark mode in Chrome. For those that don’t, the browser can ‘force’ dark mode by inverting certain colors.

The feature isn’t yet fully implemented, so you won’t find it in the main menu, but you can try it out by visiting chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark and flipping the switch to ‘Enabled’.

Now, if you’re using Chrome in dark mode, all websites should automatically change color to match. The feature isn’t perfect yet, so some sites may look a little strange, but it generally works well.

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