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A werewolf in England full Hollywood movie mp4 download.  

About Movie: In Victorian-era England, a Parish Councillor and criminal take refuge from a storm, at a remote countryside Inn. And soon uncover a deadly pact between the deranged Innkeepers and the flesh-hungry werewolves that inhabit the surrounding woodlands.

A Werewolf in England Movie Cast

Reece Connolly
Tim Cartwright
Natalie Martins
Mark McKirdy
Jéssica Alonso
Emma Spurgin Hussey
Barrington De La Roche
Rory Wilton
Derek Nelson
James Swanton

A Werewolf in England Full Movie Review

Well, the movie was branded as “the best werewolf movie in years”, and I must admit that I was definitely intrigued and had some hopes for this movie when I sat down to watch it. But the best werewolf movie in years, nah, not so much.

“A Werewolf in England” was watchable, for sure, but this was hardly an outstanding werewolf movie, much less the best in years. The movie was adequately entertaining, but I must admit that I sat with a ‘was that really it’ sensation as the movie came to an end.

The storyline in the movie was fairly okay. Sure, it was straight forward and offering no surprises or plot twists at all, so it was a bit on the generic side, and you knew exactly what would happened long before it happened, so writer and director Charlie Steeds wasn’t exactly going out all the way here, but instead playing it way too safe.

As for the acting in the movie, well I will say that the actors and actresses performed well enough, given the limitations imposed upon them with the script and the very bland and often pointless characters they had to work with.

Yeah, many of the characters were just so mundane that you didn’t even remember their names, much less cared a bit about their fate and what not.

The effects in “A Werewolf in England” were adequate, and the werewolf costumes were definitely nice to look at, but the gait that they walked with was just unbearable to look at, and it just made it all the more comical to look at that it added to the thrill or excitement.

All in all, “A Werewolf in England” is a watchable movie, but just don’t get your hopes up for it, because this was very bland and mediocre movie. I am rating it a five out of ten stars.

This was by no means a particularly outstanding or memorable werewolf movie, nor was it a movie that I fancy sitting down to watch a second time, as it just didn’t have the contents to support a second viewing.

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